May 19, 2021

Best Network Marketing Funnels – How To Recruit More People Into Your MLM Business Using Funnels

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Best Network Marketing Funnels – How To Recruit More People Into Your MLM Business Using Funnels

If you are in Network Marketing and you want to make more sales of your products and services, or you want to recruit more people into your business, then you absolutely need a Network Marketing funnel.

A funnel is a guided process that will convert your prospects into customers and distributors very very fast.

There are 3 types of Network Marketing funnels that you can use:

Network Marketing Funnel #1) Challenge Funnel

A challenge is something that will get people results in a very short period of time (3, 5, 7 days usually).

Once people got results, they will want to use more of your products/services or become a distributor in your Network Marketing company as I explain in the video.

Network Marketing Funnel #2) Free + Shipping Funnel

This funnel works great if you promote a physical product, in fact you can get people ordering some samples for free (they just have to cover shipping and handling fees).

Once people try the products and eventually fall in love with them, they’ll want to order more, thus becoming your customers.

Network Marketing Funnel #3) Webinar Funnel

A webinar is an automated presentation that your prospects register to and that you use to sell your products/services or recruit people into your business.

In this video I reveal the webinar funnel that produced over $2M in sales for us and that you can copy-paste today for FREE.

So, if you want to skyrocket your Network Marketing business fast and effectively using funnels, go to:

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