May 15, 2021

How to get RICH with cryptocurrency | Crypto MEME coins?!

Everyone wants to get RICH with cryptocurrency but what if you just bought the $RICH token?! Meme coins are leading the way in this crypto bullrun and projects like Dogecoin and Safemoon top the price charts. Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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We are in a cryptocurrency bullrun which makes people are getting rich with cryptocurrency investing, and meme coins like Dogecoin are quite literally leading the pack when it comes to insane returns or massive gains after buying coins. Safemoon also skyrocketed in price after numerous celebrities pumped the price of their token. Ethereum is crumbling because ETH transactions cost A LOT whereas trading coins on Binance Smart Chain BSC with BNB is MUCH cheaper. So more and more crypto tokens are migrating to Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap or simply just launching on the Binance blockchain. Richie Rich is one of the latest coins to launch, with a big luxury tax to encourage long-term holding of their coin as well as the anonymous developers experience in game development they plan to launch NFTs and even a blockchain game in the future.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Hot new DeFi tokens launching in crypto
02:16 Disclaimer & Scam warning
02:35 Richie Rich Coin is a new BSC token
03:20 Tokenomics & security
04:24 $RICH Roadmap
04:54 How and where to buy the token
06:06 What the Richie Rich token does
06:50 This project has been audited
07:49 Token distribution, “tax” & contract
10:08 Token giveaway!
10:34 Buying & selling $RICH on PancakeSwap
12:34 Richie Rich token review

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