May 11, 2021

How to do Network Marketing in Lockdown using Digital Platforms – Pilot Episode

In this video, Aashish K. Jha has collaborated with a Budding Digipreneur – Janhvi Singh to bring out the most relevant topic that needs and deserves a lot of attention and i.e. How to do Network Marketing in Lockdown situation.

The way to go is “Digital” and this requires a paradigm shift in the way Network Marketing professionals think, act and perform. This is the first episode in the “How to do Network Marketing in Lockdown” Series where Aashish & Janhvi shall explain in detail, how to command the Digital Space for building a strong Network Marketing Empire.

Watch the video to find out more.

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About Aashish K. Jha:

Aashish K. Jha is the Founder and Managing Director of Gemstone IIR Solutions Consulting Pvt Ltd and Director of I-Glam (a leading Modelling & Beauty Pageants Company). He is successful Entrepreneur, Marketing & sales enthusiast and well sought-after Corporate Trainer, Business Coach and Motivational Speaker. With an extensive and diversified experience of about 10+ years in the corporate world, Aashish K. Jha indeed has touched and inspired millions of live. His areas of expertise include: Entrepreneurship Development, Brand-building & PR, , Strategy & Planning, Marketing Management, Sales & Distribution and Network Marketing.

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