April 19, 2021

How to Get Clients – BEST Network Marketing Training on How to Find Your First 10 Customers FAST!

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How to Get Clients – BEST Network Marketing Training on How to Find Your First 10 Customers FAST!

Hey guys, Andrew Logan here and in today’s Network Marketing Training video I want to talk about how to get clients in your first 10 days and how to launch your network marketing business fast.

How to find clients, 10 first clients in your first 10 days?

So, let us jump right into the subject and it is my pleasure to share with you my network marketing tips – the 3 things you need to know on how to get clients in your multi level marketing business.

#1 Tip on How to get Clients – You need an OFFER!

One important thing you need to understand is that no one really cares about products, overall people care about and are fascinated by RESULTS; they look for solutions to their problems. This implies that people do not buy products, they buy results.

So, what you need to do is to be able to give people something without having them loose something else in return. This is as basic as it gets, think about it, as humans we always love to gain something without losing something. And this is where my “X without Y” formula applies.

Therefore, and in response to how to get customers fast in your first 10 days in the network marketing business, you should know: not to lead with your product but rather with your offer!

Few examples here to make you understand better the concept, you can say: “I help people lose weight WITHOUT giving up chocolate” or “I help people look 5 years younger WITHOUT needles” or “I help people have more time with their kids WITHOUT having a pay cut” etc. You got it, right?

I highly encourage you to keep watching this network marketing training video to dive more into details on how to get clients and gather network marketing success tips for your business.

#2 Tip on How to get Clients – You need a LIST!

It seems obvious that you need to deliver your offer to the people who are actually interested. And that is why you must put together a list of people.

A quick example here. Think of a person wanting to start a restaurant business. What would be the most important thing? Is it going to be food, ambiance, price, location, service? None of these things actually matter. What matters the most is that there is a “Starving Crowd” of people who want what you have to offer.

To give you a simple answer on how to launch your network marketing business efficiently, you basically got to make sure that the people you talk to are your “starving crowd”.

Do not underestimate this step and think that you can just reach out to everyone. Work smart. Take a moment to write that list of people, ask yourself the question: Who is your “starving crowd” of people? and by the same save yourself time, emotions, and rejections.

#3 Tip on How to get Clients – Apply DIRECT and INDIRECT ASK!

Once you have your list of people, you will then have to reach out to them, and you could do that in a direct or indirect way.

My network marketing tips for beginners here on how to get more customers is to simply commit to sending 10 messages a day!

Check out examples and detailed explanations on direct and indirect asks in the last part of my network marketing training video; you will get so many insights, keep watching.

So, guys all you need to do afterwards is to repeat the direct and indirect ask 100 times and I guarantee you will have more than 10 customers in your first 10 days.

To recap: have a great offer, create your list and use on repeat your direct and indirect asks!

I would like to finish with this thought guys: “Do not count the days you spend in network marketing, rather count the offers that you send because that is the one thing that you can control.”

In network marketing we do not get paid by the day nor by the hour, we get paid by the value that we bring, the people that we help. If you help more people solving more problems, you will get more money – it is as simple!

So, if you are looking for help understanding all of it more in depth and gain some extra knowledge on scripting, grab a FREE COPY of my “7 Step System to Financial Freedom through Network Marketing” book here: and start creating your Leverage to Legacy life without further delay.

I really hope this network marketing training video helps and the network marketing tips I shared with you on how to get clients will allow you to grow further your network marketing business and achieve your network marketing success.

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