April 17, 2021

SEO vs Adwords | Which is Better For Website Traffic? 🔥

SEO vs Adwords | Which is Better For Website Traffic? 🔥
Hi, do you know which is better: using Google Ads or SEO for business. While this is a simple and quick question, the answer is much more complicated. There is no simple “this” or “that” answer. Adwords and SEO are core components of search engine marketing and some of the most valuable tools when running digital marketing campaigns. In this video, I will tell you a few secrets that few people know about, but that will be useful to you. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss our new videos. Stay tuned, it’ll be interesting!

However, many external factors influence the type of marketing that is best for your business.
Factors such as your budget, timeline, current revenue, prices of products and services, types of industries, your current online presence, and even your competitors have a big impact on your marketing strategy.
SEO is not AdWords. Understanding this fact is crucial when choosing a form of advertising. Both forms of promotion allow you to show your company in Google search results as text … and thus the similarities end.
SEO, is in and out of your business, which is designed to make your site relevant to regular search results by typing a search query into a search engine.
SEO or search engine optimization is a part of search engine marketing that uses ORGANIC tactics to increase search engine visibility. With SEO, brands do not pay for search engine placement. Instead, they use various tactics to encourage search engines to show their content at the top of search results because the result is valuable and authoritative.

Selecting the right keywords will ensure that your website gets shown to the right people at the right time; people who are ready to buy and are already actively seeking your products or services in your target area. On average, regular website visits result in higher conversion rates because people are more likely to trust a website that is ranked on its own, and therefore more willing to make a purchase.
Google Ads is a form of PPC advertising that displays Google ads that are triggered by Google keyword searches. Similar to SEO, Google Ads work similarly; when someone submits a Google search query containing your targeted keywords in your target location, your website will show up in the search results, but as a paid ad, not as a regular listing.
AdWords, in turn, includes many forms of advertising, such as ads that follow website visitors, banner ads on select portals, price ads, and product images from the Google Web Store, while many still identify it with their search ads.

SEO adds value over time. SEM doesn’t. SEM is only active as long as you pay to show your results. Once you turn off advertising, your SEM strategy ends. SEO is the opposite. An SEO strategy grows and worsens over time and produces sustainable results.
When you compare SEM and SEO, you will also find differences in the appearance of your search results. SEM search results may include ad extensions that can add additional links, phone numbers and refinements. On the other hand, SEO results may appear along with select snippets in search.

Now that you’ve compared SEM and SEO, it will be easier for you to decide which tactic is right for your marketing strategies. To decide what’s right for your brand, use what you know and consider the following.
Review your competitors. Look at what your competitors are doing and how they work in their search marketing before deciding how you can best compete with them. Examine which search queries they rank for organically. Consider whether you can execute a plan to get them to the top of the search rankings. Also, look at what paid terms they use to attract traffic to their sites. As you do this research, look for gaps you can fill and areas where you won’t be able to compete in either paid or regular search.

Consider the length of your typical buying cycle. If your products and services have short buying cycles, meaning your customers know what they want, look for it and buy it, you can benefit from SEM advertising that puts your product where customers will see it. Longer buying cycles, where customers are researching and comparing over weeks or months, may not work as well with SEM because there is no immediate purchase after seeing one ad.

Depending on how quickly you want or need results will play a big part in your decision to switch to SEO or Google Ads. Do you need more business right now or do you have time to gradually grow and attract more business in the future?

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