March 30, 2021

Index Funds For Beginners | Simple Way to Get Rich

Index Funds Investing For Beginners | Simple Way to Get Rich through Stock Market in Hindi

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If you’re a beginner in stock market investing and want to follow the easiest and the most simple path to getting rich and achieving financial freedom, all you really need is to understand three important financial and investing concepts:
1) The Power of Compounding (which is discussed in my past video,

2) Magic of Index Fund, which I have discussed today and will to a more detailed discussion on mutual fund vs index fund in future videos,
3) Magic of SIP (Systematic investment plan), which will be discussed in future videos soon.

If you don’t understand these concepts, you’re unlikely to stay invested through the thick and thin of the stock market as there are various ups and downs in this journey like recessions, corrections, bulls and bear markets, etc.

So what are index funds in the stock market?
Whenever we hear that the stock market has gone up by few certain points or the market is down today, we’re most likely referring to the index such as Sensex, Nifty, or another index in the Indian stock market. These stock indices include only a few companies such as 30 for Sensex and 50 for Nifty. However, they still provide a lot of information to stock investors, traders, economists, and other people.

These 50 companies are usually the most established and biggest companies of their country or sectors and hence the most valued companies. So when you invest in an index fund, you basically buy all of these companies as per their allocation – for ex. in Sensex and Nifty, its free-floating market capitalization method. The companies in this index are changed automatically once every 6 months and only the successful ones remain. This is the ultimate winning strategy of any long-term investment – let your winners run and cut your losers soon.

Pro and successful investors like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and John Bogle advise people to invest in Index funds using SIPs (dollar-cost average or systematic investment plan), more details will be covered in future videos.

But remember that past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. This is not a recommendation, do your own research before investing.

00:00 A Simple Secret to Getting Rich through Investing
00:45 What is an Index Fund?
01:06 TickerTape Pro
01:27 Understanding Stock Index in Detail
03:04 Historical Return of Nifty 50 in India
04:06 Nifty Next 50 Index
04:52 ETF vs Mutual Funds
05:55 Performance of Nippon Nifty Next ETF – Junios Bees
06:22 Index Fund vs Mutual Funds
07:32 Get Rich with Stock Market through Index Funds
08:57 Message

Topics discussed in this video:
What are Index Funds?
Index Funds Investing for beginners
index fund me kaise invest kare
इंडेक्स फंड क्या है
इंडेक्स फंड क्या होता है
इंडेक्स फंड मीनिंग
इंडेक्स फंड वस म्यूच्यूअल फण्ड
index fund kya hai
sensex kya hota hai
Nifty 50 kya hai

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