March 25, 2021

The Live Launch Method

Best Selling Author Kelly Roach teaches you how to disrupt your industry, skyrocket your profits, and make a name for yourself with the easiest launch strategy on the planet inside The Live Launch book! Business Catalyst Kelly Roach uses timeless business principles, the power of human connection, and the simplest launch strategy on the planet to help entrepreneurs make 7-figure leaps in their revenue with a step-by-step, online launch process that’s as easy and enjoyable as it is effective! Gone are the days of 27 step funnels, 18 webinars, and way too much distance between seller and prospect. In The Live Launch, Kelly Roach lays out the Live Launch Method that is responsible for the multimillion-dollar growth in both her own international coaching company and the businesses of her clients all across the globe. In a world that is disconnected and transactional, this book teaches readers how to launch using a strategic approach that showcases your expertise, solidifies your brand’s positioning, engages your prospects, and closes sales in the hundreds of thousands.

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