March 8, 2021

SinCity – Lets Get Rich (Official Music Video) feat. Loonie

This is a the official music video of rappers, SinCity and Loonie. It’s also Dino Pastrano directorial debut and is under Indioboy Productions. Hope you enjoy watching!

Director: Dino Marco Pastrano
DOP: Marco Limjap
Producer: Gino Jose
Editors: Jegs Morales & Niko Ignacio

Special thanks to:
Christines Hallauer, Ron Henley, and Jolo Raagas for being a part of the music video. Christian Samson for assisting in shooting. Twixx Leynes for making the beat. Also big shout outs to Love One Another studios and Mr. Nice Guy Philippines for sharing their awesome glass pieces in the music video 🙂

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