March 5, 2021

Get to the Top on Google

From one of the United Kingdom’s leading search engine optimzation (S.E.O) experts who has worked with major companies like, the most comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date guide to S.E.O available. Written in a readable style for the beginner, but at the same time comprehensive enough for the skilled marketer, Get to the Top on Google will show businesses, both large and small, how to improve their search engine rankings, leads and sales. Get to the Top on Google is the first book to comprehensively address all aspects of modern day search marketing through a genuinely structured methodology, including an assessment of the impact of Web 2.0 on internet marketing strategies. It includes a seven-step approach to search engine optimization and website promotion, tried and tested tips and tricks to achieve top rankings on Google and other search engines Readers will be benefit from a free 6-month membership to the author s S.E.O Expert Services Thinking of search engine optimization is like cooking a meal. Keywords and key phrases are your ingredients. Discovering phrases that pay is all about finding the right key phrases for your business, then deploying the for best effect in your site and campaign. Courting the crawl explains how to help Google find your pages and index all of them appropriately, through building the right technical foundations and structure for your new or existing website. Priming Your Pages covers the S.E.O art of page copy-writing and includes deploying your phrases that pay through your site and manipulating Google search engine results pages. By landing the links in a well-managed link-building campaign you can go from an also-ran to world champion by establishing both the importance and relevance of your site.

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