February 12, 2021

Social Media Marketing 2019

Revised and Updated Second Edition – Content editing error fixed! The marketing world of the 21st century has changed dramatically. Not only do you have Audio, Visual, and Print media, you now have Digital media and with it comes social media. Do you want to take your social media marketing game to the next level? Do you want to know what it takes to market your products and services using social media? What are the tools and resources that you can use to magnify your presence in the digital sphere? As much as it is energizing and fresh, the world of social media is cluttered with plenty of content, with most of it targeting to the wrong audience, with no call-to-action and an immature strategy. In order to do social media properly, you need the smart way. You want to invest in social media ads that bring you the right returns of investment. You want to create content that hits the right target audience. You want to add value to your products and services. You want to build a brand persona that is relatable to your target audience. Above all, you want to engage with your audience to gain more insights into their needs, wants, and pain points. How do you do that? In this book, Social Media Marketing 2019, you will learn how to create marketing strategies for social media’s most popular platforms from Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn to Youtube. Inside Social Media Marketing 2019: How to Reach Millions of Customers without Wasting Time and Money – Proven Ways to Grow Your Business on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook you will discover: Information on strategies that work Marketing best practices related to the specific platform Engagement opportunities for each platform Facebook Ads vs. AdWords Instagram Ads and Story Ads YouTube Marketing LinkedIn Marketing Marketing Statistics that give you insight to each platform’s strength Creating a social media marketing strategy Links to templates and resources throughout the book This book will help you boost your credibility and help you on your way to becoming an established presence in the digital realm. So don’t wait any longer, Scroll up and click “Buy Now” today.

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