January 29, 2021

How I became crorepati by helping people | speak & get rich by sneh desai

I am on a mission to create more than 10,000 trainers and coaches in this world to create a positive change in this world.

After a long hiatus of over 12 months, I am back with “Speak & Get Rich” Masterclass to create change makers who wish to transform hundreds of lives.

In this 3 hour Masterclass, I am going to teach you

1) Why this is the best time to become a trainer/coach?

2) 11 mistakes of majority of the trainers/coaches who fail.

3) What does it take to become a great trainer?

4) 11 Golden Secrets to become a highly paid trainer/coach.

Grab your seat via for a nominal fee of 399.

I’ll see you at the webinar on 31st January.

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