January 25, 2021

Network Marketing Recruiting – Social Media Recruiting Tips

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Network Marketing Recruiting – Social Media Recruiting Tips

In this video I’m sharing with you 5 Social Media Recruiting Tips for your Network Marketing business.

1) Grow Your List Daily

After you’ve finished going through your warm market list, it’s time to go after the cold market.

There is a saying that goes like this: “Amateurs convince, professionals sort”.

So, if you want to increase your Network Marketing Recruiting results, make sure you grow your list daily using the FAM process: Find, Add, Message as I explain in the video.

2) Ask If They Are Open

If a door is closed, you can’t close it. But if the door is open, you can quite easily close it.

So, you need to sort through the numbers to see who is open.

In this video I share a killer question that always work when coming to see if people are open, so you can improve your Network Marketing results.

3) Don’ t Be a Fool, Use a Tool

If you want to recruit and scale faster, use a tool (for example, a video) to send people, as I explain properly in the video.

4) Follow Up!

I recommend you implement what I call Money Monday and Follow-Up Friday.

Every Monday and Friday you are going to follow up with people and spend those 2 days where you are gonna blitz it, so you will increase the chances to recruit more people into your Network Marketing business.

5) Be Direct When Closing

When you’ve answered your prospect’s questions, you then simply say: “Is there anything else you need to know right now, in order to get started today?”

Powerful question!

And then you answer in 2 different ways, as I explain in the video, depending on what they say.

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