January 20, 2021

3 Steps to Becoming the Top Income Earner in Your Network Marketing Company

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3 Steps To Becoming The Top Income Earner In Your Network Marketing Company


A Network Marketing business is built on recruiting people. How do we do that? Through systems, tools, scripts, videos,…

Recruiting will build your business by addition: you’re gonna add people into your business.

And this represents active income: you’re being rewarded for the work you do, but that’s not financial freedom just yet.


There are systems for recruiting and there are systems for duplicating.
The duplication is about leading a team. And if we can duplicate, you will build your business by multiplication, and that’s great leverage.

But that’s where most people get stuck, as duplication does not create leaders. And this is what separates the top income earners from the good income earners.


You have to mentor to grow your business exponentially. And this is how you get residual income.

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