January 19, 2021

METRO Royale Chapter 2: How to Get Rich (Safe and Effective Method)

Hey guys, this is a highly recommended video for people who are stuck on making their first million and are struggling to obtain their first level 6 sets. If you follow this formula carefully, you should make 2 million METRO cash every hour nearly free of risks. While not as rewarding as map 3, map 1 is insanely safe, offers a very streamlined, quick run-path, and allows you to come out as a solo with up to 300k net earnings every 6 minutes. Hope this helps!

0:00 Intro
0:22 Why should you join OP
1:04 How to perform this formula and why it’s the best.
4:48 What to do if you encounter enemy squads (Squad Wipe Demonstration)
6:28 What to do if you have no chance of beating the enemy.
7:38 Conclusion

****Friendly reminder to all my viewers that I cannot add any fans as friends neither on PUBG nor discord because I have to reserve my friends list for OP clan members only. If I delete you, it’s nothing personal, I still respect you! 🙂

****Because of how busy I am with my real-life job, I only have very little time to actually play PUBG and even less time to make YouTube videos. Therefore, I’m no longer going to have any time to play with anyone outside of my OP clan. If you want to meet or play with me, please tryout for OmniPotence, my very-active, friendly, METRO-based clan! Join my cattfishh discord and navigate to the #omnipotence-tryouts channel for more info! Please do not DM me for tryouts. Thanks ahead!

****If you don’t want to join OP, but still want to meet other METRO players to trade with, or find a squad mate, still consider joining my discord server:

****If you want to listen to the background song I wrote for this video, check this link out:

****To try out for my super-friendly and active METRO-focused clan, OmniPotence, you must meet ALL the following requirements:

1. Speak English fluently and use your mic, especially in combat.
2. Be willing to leave your clan immediately and join OP.
3. Be willing to play with OP clan members often, always prioritizing OP clan members to play with over non-OP players and friends.
4. Have a discord and be active in the OP discord.
5. Be at least Ace rank at some point in the past.
6. Be at least 13 years old.
7. Be an NA server player. If you are from another continent, your NA ping must not be so high to the point where it affects your gameplay performance.
8. Must be playing on the Global version of PUBG Mobile.
9. Must play with *only* OP clan members for at least 4 days a week and 1 hour every day, for a total of 4 hours per week spent with clan members.
10. Must have a room card for the tryout.
11 Must be polite, friendly and respectful to all clan members, keep an open mind, able to take constructive criticism from others, and refrain from racist, hurtful, or offensive language.
12 Must want to join OP for a sincere reason.

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