December 19, 2020

Get Rich Fast in Red dead online! Money Farming Guide for beginners in RDR2 Online

It’s hard to be a new player in Red Dead Online. But with this step by step money farm guide You will earn a lot in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online even as a beginner. This is the best money and experience making method in RDR2 online in 2020 – I’ve created new character to test this and grinded a lot of RDO$ really fast.
0:00 – About this Guide
0:23 – Step 1. Getting free 10 Gold Bars in Red Dead Online
1:04 – Step 2. Get prepared: Missions, Treasure maps, daily challenges.
4:01 – Step 3. What should You buy on the low LVLs.
5:35 – Step 4. Buying the Best Role for making money
9:09 – Extra step and few Tips

The Best ability cards in RDR2 online:
Should You buy RDO:
Treasure maps Guide: SORRY! I haven’t made it in English…
Collector’s map in Red Dead Online:
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