December 15, 2020

An insider’s guide to becoming a Google AdWords Specialist

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Think of an adWords specialist like a fishing guide for your paid advertising on Google. The ocean is all the search traffic on Google, and Google’s partner sites.

Your AdWords account manager has to find the best spot in the ocean to fish for for customers. They also have to find the right bait – ads – to lure customers to your business. And they have to bring in enough customers to make your fishing on Google profitable every month.

The best AdWords professionals can send a steady stream of highly motivated customers to your business, on a consistent basis.

But learning how to be effective in AdWords can be time consuming and costly. Especially if you don’t understand the principles of PPC advertising.

Outsourcing AdWords management allows businesses to put their paid search advertising in the hands of trained professional.

There are three main types of AdWords specialists: marketing agency and freelance Adwords account managers, and in-house PPC resources.

AdWords specialists at marketing agencies
Agency AdWords account specialists are part of an agency team focused on delivering AdWords results.

This is the role that I described to begin this post, and the role I held for about 2-3 years at my agency.

AdWords account specialists are usually an entry to mid-level role at agencies. Most account specialists work under an account manager that directs the advertising strategy. The account manager also serves as the main point of contact for customers.

The account specialist’s job is to focus almost entirely on working within the Google AdWords interface.

During my marketing agency days, account specialists spent at least 20 hours a week working in AdWords.

Day-to-day AdWords management work involves:

Doing Keyword research to find the best advertising opportunities
Mining search query reports to add new long-tail keywords, match types and negatives
Performing and acting on competitive analysis
Interpreting Adwords reports
Managing bidding strategies
Writing and testing new ads
Making adjustments to increase account performance
How to succeed in a PPC agency
Account management is where I started my agency career. The key to being a successful AdWords account manager is in daily diligence.

I look at Adwords as a strategy game. Every time I log into an account, there is a chance to make a move that improves results. You win the game by generating as many cost-effective leads for your clients as possible.

Agency AdWords specialists have to manage dozens of accounts. Managing this type of workload can be very demanding, and involves long hours focused entirely on account data analysis and ad testing.

The best account managers thrive on the variety of the accounts they run. Each Adwords campaign represents a unique search marketing challenge. And every account offers new opportunity to grow a client’s business.

Freelance AdWords Specialists. AdWords freelancers are the lone wolves of the PPC industry. They generally do the same type of work as an agency account manager. But they also have to do their own business development and client communication.

Freelancers usually maintain a smaller number of AdWords clients, and freelancers will specialize by industry, or type of client, etc..

PPC Agencies vs. Freelance Consultants vs. In-House Resources
PPC Agency Adwords management
Marketing agencies are a great fit for the majority of AdWords account needs. They are cheaper than hiring a full-time resource, have the ability to make comparisons across dozens of accounts, and have the tools needed to deliver results at scale.

For budgets of $10,000 to $100,000 a month, working with an agency works perfectly. Agencies can manage complex Ecommerce accounts that involve advertising for 100’s to 1,000’s of products. They are also ideal for big lead-generation campaigns with multiple locations and products needing advertising.

Agencies have tools to help scale results across multiple clients, industries and advertising strategies. They are worth their weight in gold, But for very large or very small accounts, a PPC agency is not the most efficient choice. s

Freelance AdWords management
Freelancers present a great option for small businesses spending less than $10,000 per month on AdWords. This includes businesses like doctors, lawyers, dentists, plumbers, movers, electricians, etc.

Advertising for service business is usually focused on location based lead generation. These business don’t need complex account structure or 100’s of product listings. But they do need a competent PPC manager that knows how to find leads and manage a cost-per-acquisition budget.

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