December 9, 2020

Network Marketing – Perfect Profession Kaise? | Polish Your Skills | Episode 1 | Ashutosh Pratihast

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This Is Something Special that I am doing once again for all the people who come to this channel to learn something new, something amazing about network marketing, and how they can make the best out of this business! This is the first episode of Polish Your Network Marketing Skills Podcast Series where we’ll discuss Why Network Marketing? What is the benefit that we’re gonna get if we start doing this business? If you want some more knowledge about this, you may search “Network Marketing Kabhi Mat Karna by Ashutosh Pratihast” & by watching that video, you’ll get more clear about what is the need of getting into this business and why this business is booming currently in India. We are going to discuss the tips and techniques to be successful in network marketing. If your foundation is strong, your building (business) can stand against any wildest storm!
So, this podcast will be very beneficial for the newbies of network marketing and also for the uplines who want to increase the retention in their downlines. See if your team will be trained enough, if they have the foundational knowledge rather than only motivation then there will be chances for them to develop a belief system on their own, otherwise, manipulation and motivation can help you in the one-time transaction but it won’t make you loyal.
So, Remember
Every day, 11am sharp for Network Marketing Training
we’ll see each other together
invite your teammates and listen to the podcast, make notes so that it may help you in training your future teams.
I wish you great success in the near future and you give me a party once you become successful 😅 Just Kidding!
Keep Shining Champs!


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