November 16, 2020

How to Get Rich in the Military (With a Budget for Beer!)

Want to learn how to get rich in the military? Here are ten tips that can certainly help!

The military is often overlooked as “not getting paid enough” but the reality is that we do quite well. We are only taxed on a small portion of our income (none of the allowances are taxed) and this allows for greater take-home pay. On top of that, we have access to the best 401k and ROTH accounts out there, with unbelievably low fee’s.

Still not convinced? Check out these simple, automated ways to build wealth in the military!

1. Pick a Specialty Job
2. Thrift Savings Plan
3. Savings Allotment(s)
4. Eat at the Chow-Hall!
5. Live like a PFC (No matter the promotions)
6. Volunteer for schools, field-ops, and deployments
7. Budget for BEER!
8. VA-house hack
9. Buy a 3+ year old car, and pay cash or get bank financing.
10. Marry Intelligently (controversial)

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