November 16, 2020

3 ways to view Funnels in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Funnels can be viewed differently in GA itself. In this video, we are exploring the Funnel Visualization view, Horizontal Funnels and Enhanced Ecommerce tracking funnels.

There are also Goals Flows and the reversed funnel steps that you could take a look at, but for simplification we have excluded them in this video.

0:00 – Introduction
0:38 – #1 Goal Funnel Visualization
1:03 – How to Use the Goal Funnel Visualization
1:53 – How to Set Up the Goal Funnel Visualization
4:20 – #2 Checkout Behaviour Analysis Funnel – Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
6:22 – #3 Horizontal Funnel Using a Custom Google Analytics Report
6:49 – How to Set Up Custom Google Analytics Report

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