November 12, 2020

“Get Rich Quick” Gurus are TAKING OVER YOUTUBE… (here’s why)

Get-rich-quick “gurus” are taking over YouTube with their “make money” ads, YouTube channels and poorly put together websites. This trade has been around for quite some time, but slowly it is mutating into a monster that can’t be stopped… in this video I analyze how these get rich schemes operate, how the gurus make money and why more and more of these schemes keep popping up… with a surprising twist that explains a lot about how we got here and why.

Report Scams/Fraud:


0:00 Intro
3:03 How Get Rich Gurus Operate
12:02 The Get Rich Guru Sales Funnel
21:20 Boiler Room Companies
29:33 Internet Gurus & the Law
37:03 Internet Guru Niches
42:07 The Syndicate
55:20 Conclusion

Scamworld: ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes Mustate into an Online Monster (The Verge)
Operators of Get-Rich-With Amazon scheme settle with the FTC (FTC)
FTC Acts to shut down companies operating real estate seminar scheme (FTC)
At FTC’s request, U.S. court hands down record $478 million judgment against marketers of massive get-rich-quick infomercial scams (FTC)
Warning: Tony Robbins is launching a new get-rich-quick internet scam (beyond growth)

Videos Used:
Salty Droid (YouTube channel)
Coffeezilla (YouTube channel, The Cult of Dan Lok)
Scamworld by the verge (video)

INSTAGRAM: @cruelworldhappymind

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