November 7, 2020

Kevin O’Leary on How to Get Rich During These Crazy Times

With an undecided presidential election and the volatility it is causing in U.S. equities, Kevin O’Leary, chairman of O’Shares ETFs and star of ABC hit series Shark Tank, shares insights on how to navigate these waters.

“There is no blue wave, there is not even a blue beach; we will have, most likely, Biden Light,” says O’Leary. “He will be able to do basically nothing without the support of the Senate… there is no tax hike, no green deal, no whacking the energy space,” he explains in an interview with our Daniela Cambone.

O’Leary reveals his biggest holdings and investment strategies right now— noting that, without support of the Senate, Biden will have “no ability to make changes, and the market likes that.”

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