November 2, 2020

The Efficacious Way to get Rich in Frostborn! How to get Every Resource in the Game! – JCF

I’ve been playing Frostborn since it was still a secret project and have a video arguing that I’m the richest player in the game. In that video, I explain that my success is because of the 100s of amazing frostborn players that have rallied around me to help you guys with awesome tips and tricks. So in this series I’m going to teach you the efficacious way to acquire an insane amount of wealth.

Allright, so most of the time when I do a pilot video for one of my efficacious way series I just show you how wealthy I am and then tell you to go watch my other videos but in this video I’m going to do things a little bit different. In addition to showing you how rich I am to gain enough credibility for you guys to listen, I’m going to give you guys an overview on generally how you get rich in this game and then if you’re having trouble getting a particular item, you will be able to find the video dedicated to that item on the playlist for more information. And then if you are still having trouble getting enough of that item, I will have gameplay videos at the end of that playlist so that you can see a demonstration of exactly how I get that item.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Series Pilot Introduction
1:06 Planks, stone, cloth, food and another green zone items
2:45 Tryhard vs Casual
3:23 Workbench
4:01 Iron, maple and copper
4:22 Every resource
5:05 Odin’s
5:20 Protecting your stuff
5:53 Conclusion
6:19 Outro

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