October 19, 2020

How to Make More Money (Network Marketing vs Everything Else)

I loved every job I ever had… until the time came that I wanted something more and needed to make more money. If you’re considering getting a job or doing some kind of side hustle business, we’re taking a look at all the major options you have available to see how they stack up. Links below👇🏼

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How to Make More Money (Network Marketing vs Everything Else)

Here’s my “Network Marketing Essentials” series:

Here’s my “Network Marketing Comparisons” series:

00:00 – Doing what you love vs making money
02:27 – My 40 years of side hustles
03:05 – Which Category of Business do you want to be in?
06:06 – Why I like to Partner With Direct Sales Companies
07:57 – The Pipeline: How to Get Customers
09:39 – Don’t try and “convince” people to buy your stuff
10:27 – What if you’re not a “born” salesperson?
11:14 – NWM vs Getting a Job as a Sales Rep
13:37 – NWM vs Real Estate Agent
15:45 – NWM vs YouTube Influencers
16:24 – NWM vs Actors and Entertainers
16:43 – NWM vs Amazon Sellers
17:26 – NWM vs Solopreneurs and Service-Based Businesses
19:33 – NWM vs Getting a Regular Job
21:45 – NWM vs Traditional Business & E-Commerce
24:30 – Why I Choose Network Marketing vs Everything Else
26:27 – The Social Culture of Network Marketing
27:44 – The Teamwork Aspect of Network Marketing
28:29 – 13 Benefits of Network Marketing
32:07 – Let me know your questions

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