October 15, 2020

Google AdWords Tutorial 2020: How to Run Google Ads

This video will show you, step by step, how to run ads on Google in 2020 – and don’t worry, it will be explained so simply that anyone with an Internet connection can do it.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a marketplace where businesses pay to have their product listing, service offerings, video content, or mobile applications rank at the top of a search results page based on keywords.
Why advertise on Google? While, according to a study, the average return on investment of Google Ads is 200%. In other words, business owners earn 2 dollars for every dollar they spend on Google Ads.

Let’s face it. Google Ads can feel intimidating, so in this video I’ll walk you through the basics and define complex-sounding buzzwords that often scare away would-be-digital marketers, such as SEM, PPC, CPC, conversion rates and optimization.

After that, I’ll show you how to create your first Google Channel account. Then I’ll show you how to create your first Google Shopping Ad, and Google Search Ad with ease.

This tutorial will show you the 6 steps to creating your first Google Ad:

00:01:23 Google Ads Benefits
00:01:53 Google Ads Basics
00:04:30 How To Set Up Your Google Ads Account
00:05:30 How To Set Up a Google Shopping Ad Campaign
00:11:52 Keyword Research
00:14:21 How To Set Up Google Search Campaigns

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► Google Ads for Ecommerce:
► Google Ads conversion tracking:

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