October 13, 2020

Real Estate Marketing Playbook

Countless marketing books have been written for real estate agents, and for a good reason: to survive in today’s challenging economic climate, real estate agents must wear so many hats at once to have a chance at success, and thus need as much help as they can get. While many real-estate marketing books offer a whole-life plan to achieving your goals or attempt to impress you with far-out tactics that may have worked for one person, one time, in a market unlike any other, this book is different. The Real Estate Marketing Playbook was inspired by observations and experiences over many years in the real estate business. Concise chapters get right to the point and offer actionable advice. You’ll receive a brief overview of each tactic, learn about best practices, and in most chapters, you’ll hear from experts as they chime in on their struggles and successes. This is not to say that the book is merely short; it is merely respectful of your time. Each chapter is its own contained unit. Feel free to flip to any section that intrigues you, or that addresses a situation applicable to you. Keep in mind that it is not humanly possible to implement every idea in this book. Neither is it possible that every concept applies to every real estate agent. Just like your real estate business, every situation is unique. Use common sense to determine if a plan is right for you, your market, and your business. This book is meant to be kept within reach throughout your business day – in the car, in your bag or briefcase, etc. It’s a perfect companion when waiting for open houses to begin or for clients to arrive. It’s a helpful lunchtime read to keep you in the mindset of innovation and forward movement for your business. Anytime you need a helpful hint or a compelling idea to help boost your current or next marketing project, crack it open; even just flipping it open and reading a chapter at random could spark an idea that skyrockets your real estate business. This book is not for those seeking a shortcut, but for those who are willing to challenge themselves to take advantage of every opportunity to grow their real estate business.

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