October 3, 2020

Accountant Says Everyone Should Have a Network Marketing Business w/ Courtney Epps

How much are you paying in taxes each year? Want some of that money back?
Today I’m joined by Courtney Epps — my new accountant — to show you how you can save between $4000 – $8000 per year (maybe more) on your taxes. If you’re a W2 employee, listen up.

As an employee, you will pay more in your lifetime on taxes than food, clothing, housing, and transportation combined. But there are 2 tax systems in America – one that prevents wealth and one that creates wealth. And you can decide!

Courtney Epps specializes in helping network marketing reps save money on their taxes. Get her new book here:

00:00 – Introducing Courtney Epps
03:08 – How are people supposed to get ahead today?
03:58 – The 2 tax systems in America
05:10 – How much do W2 employees pay in taxes?
06:55 – Sobering money statistics from Grant Cardone
08:08 – Can Network Marketing reduce your taxes?
09:38 – Why it’s impossible to fail at Network Marketing
13:11 – Money you spend on your business is tax deductible
14:48 – Turn your personal expenses into business expenses
16:30 – How to write off $15,000 – $20,000 on your taxes
21:16 – What if an investment offered you 40% return on your money?
23:54 – Network Marketing vs traditional business
28:00 – Why you should NEVER cancel your monthly auto-order
28:41 – Cool Tax benefits of working from home
31:46 – Extra perks for being in Network Marketing
36:08 – Tony Robbins and the path of believing in yourself
39:03 – Advice to skeptics: You missed the point
40:37 – An outsider’s perspective on Network Marketing
41:35 – I saved a Network Marketer $4100 on their taxes
44:18 – If you’re not doing this, you must love paying taxes
45:33 – Other “not so obvious” reasons people join Network Marketing
47:05 – Giving Back: Operation Underground Railroad saves kids
48:19 – Tim recommends reading Courtney’s book

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