September 28, 2020

Get Rich With Victor Oladipo! Money SECRETS From NBA Star 😱 The Adulthood / Sponsored By Chromebook

Our guy Vic Oladipo hopped on #TheAdulthood, presented by Chromebook!

Vic didn’t always have money, but he has always been SMART with money. Whether you have 100 dollars or $100 million, you can always invest and get ready for your future. If you invested $100 in Google in 2004, you’d have $3000 worth today! SHEESH.

The truth is, not all of us are gonna make the NBA, so we gotta be precious with the cash we have and make it work for us. Next time you’re making a big purchase, think if there’s a better use for your money. You might not be playing on an NBA court in 10 years, but if you plan accordingly, you could have some court side seats instead! And if you do, we might ask you to shoot some vids for OT…

Appreciate you watching, all love from Overtime and Chromebook!

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