September 25, 2020

The “Get Rich Quick” Scammers of YouTube

I talk a lot about MLMs on my channel, but what’s the deal with these YouTube “make money” gurus? Are they a scam? Are they legit? And why do their ads appear everywhere, all the time? I had no idea this video would get as intense as it did, or as in-depth, but in this video I’m uncovering some major hidden secrets in the “get rich guru” world. I talk about undisclosed affiliate codes and groups of “competition” that are secretly working together. It’s a long video, but the details provided in this video are absolutely insane, and I hope this video exposes fake guru schemes not only as they scams they really are, but as the criminals that they might be…


Translation of every ‘Guru’ scam: from shopify

Two alleged get-rich-quick ‘guru’ courses and their operators are being sued by Amazon

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