August 23, 2020

Introduction to Digital Marketing 101

Skyrocket your business goals with this hands on guide DESCRIPTION Social media marketing has stemmed from people’s communication habits. Nowadays, social networking platforms are essential in practice, even in marketing. To understand the changes and transformations the field of marketing has undergone until now, it is important to know its origin. This complete guide will help you start selling and marketing your business by teaching you both SEO/SEM and web usability. You will learn the analytical part of Google Analytics and online advertising through Google AdWords. This book will introduce you to Web 2.0, and at the end of it, you may also want to make a career change to digital marketing! ● Have you ever wondered how you can work smart with products that offer a range of essential applications for businesses? ● What are the prerequisites for a successful business? ● What will happen if your company does not use digital marketing for your business? ● Do you know what are the newest and best technologies, applications, web tools, and virtual customer relationship management products that your competitors are using right now to work smarter and more efficiently? KEY FEATURES ● Online advertising ● Online marketing campaigns ● Mail marketing ● Website marketing ● Opt-in email ● Mobile marketing ● Marketing data ● Digital strategy ● Consumer marketing WHAT WILL YOU LEARN ● Design, organize, and monitor strategies. ● Optimize your website SEO. ● Create, manage, and evaluate Google Ads campaigns, and display advertising and payment campaigns. ● Integrate mobile marketing and mail marketing campaigns. ● Use Google Analytics. ● Improve the accessibility and usability of a website and UX. ● Stand out on LinkedIn. ● Apply Big data and machine learning to digital marketing. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR Anyone who, for personal, academic, and/or professional reasons, wants to learn the basics of digital marketing. It is also a good start for marketers who would like to know their audiences and define strategies that best suit them. Table of Contents 1. Define your audience: Marketing plan & value proposition. 2. Content strategy: Key process to improve content creation. 3. Use social media for your business. 4. Social ads: Make people think and talk. 5. SEO for beginners: Title, URL, & CTR 6. Search engine marketing (SEM): Position your brand in the market (PPC & paid search) 7. Display advertising to target your audience: Facebook, target audience, keywords, & search terms. 8. Create a campaign with email marketing: Segmentation, email automatization, split test, A/B testing, & optimization. 9. Analyze what people do in your website: Google Analytics & Big data. 10. Launch your career in digital marketing: Digital Marketing jobs, LinkedIn, networking, Big data, machine learning, & elevator pitch

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