August 16, 2020

एक housewife ने कैसे online network marketing की ? Digital Network marketing for housewife

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Direct selling opportunities are a great way to generate self-employment opportunities in India which faces challenges for employment generation today. The potential for this industry to grow and provide direct and indirect employment, contribute to the economy and help with skills development for women and youth is enormous, provided a clear regulatory framework protects all the stakeholders of this industry,” says Vijay Sardana, Chairman, Task Force to Direct Selling Assocham.

The Indian direct selling industry has been growing at an exponential pace over the last few years to become a part of the ‘billion-dollar club’ of the multi-billion-dollar global direct selling industry.

Among the world’s top 10 largest direct selling markets in 2017 in terms of sales, five countries are from Asia, says the WFDSA report. While the United States is the world’s largest market, China is at the second spot. Asia Pacific region, however, has emerged as the largest contributor to the global direct selling industry in 2017. The Asia Pacific region contributed 46 percent to global sales generated by the direct selling industry in 2017 with more than 65 million people in the region involved in it.

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