August 5, 2020

Facebook Marketing

According to statistics, Facebook is home to over 1.5 billion active, unique monthly users, and generates a whopping 400 million visits every day. So, it goes without saying that Facebook, aside from being a virtual space for friends to connect, also shines with the promise of being the single most effective vehicle for businesses aiming to reach a wider audience. And for most businesses today, Facebook has served as just that.Back in November of 2007, Zuckerberg saw Facebook’s potential as the ultimate internet go-to for people who want to find local businesses and products they might be interested in. Since then, the company has executed a variety of functions that cater specifically to businesses to help them maximize the gains of using Facebook as a platform to connect with real prospects without having to go out and find them.These days, any business that can’t be found on Facebook is considered obsolete and outdated. With 90% of consumers looking first to Facebook in search of products and services, business that operate exclusively outside of the platform risk losing visibility in the midst of thick competition. Plus, people feel more comfortable transacting with businesses through Facebook. It’s convenient, it’s easy, and it’s familiar, and studies have found that prospects that reach out to businesses on Facebook tend to feel more secure knowing they’re dealing with an entity that they can trust. Why? Well, it’s not entirely clear why Facebook brings an air of familiarity and reliability, but many experts believe it’s because the platform is used to connect with friends.

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