July 28, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation for B2C Business Owners

The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation For B2C Business Owners is a practical system for building a digital marketing team and generating all web leads entirely in-house. Using everything that Dan Wardrope, founder of FlexxDigital Ltd, has learned over six years of successfully running a digital marketing agency, he’s poured his knowledge into a book that makes it easy for any B2C business owner to create concrete, sustainable Facebook campaigns and hire the best and brightest staff. He’s also included “plug and play” templates for all your lead generation requirements. By using The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation, your business can: Learn from the best campaigns Dan Wardrope has run, sidestepping the mistakes he’s made along the wayCut the costs of your marketing by hiring the best and brightest staff to generate all your web leads in-house Create beautiful, bespoke landing pages without spending thousands of pounds on web designDevelop a “rinse and repeat” campaign strategy that’ll generate measurable results for years to come This book is for: Businesses who sell products or services to consumers (B2Cs) People who are paying third-party marketing agencies for leads and aren’t getting the results they needBusiness owners who know what they want. They are prepared to put in the effort and creativity to build an in-house digital marketing team that runs itself. What people are saying about Dan…”Dan has rejected the traditional agency model and built something new, totally defined by how, why and what he wants. And the results speak for themselves. Dan is a breath of fresh air for the industry and, if he’s teaching, I highly recommend you listen.” ~ Mike Rhodes, Founder of WebSavvy”We have been working with Dan and his business FlexxDigital over the past 11 months. As of today, 25 April 2018 1:50am, Dan has been able to generate over 238,000 leads using our flagship lead generation platform LeadsHook in 11 months in some of the most competitive niches.” ~ Nik Thakorlal, Founder of LeadsHook “What can I say about Dan and his team at FlexxDigital? They have a great reputation for generating the best quality leads in the industry. Not only great quality, but predictable volumes. Highly recommended.” ~ Mark Roberts, Director at Basik Money

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