July 24, 2020

Wyshmaster Talks Making $20K Selling Beats w/ Email Marketing & Funnels | CEO Morning Show 53

Wyshmaster Beats is one of the OG’s of selling beats online. He started in the early 2000’s and has successfully changed with every trend in the game from Soundclick to Beatstars and even Producer Funnels.

In this episode we talk about the hidden tactics that most producers sleep on when it comes to leasing beats. We talk a lot about the power of email marketing, producer & artist customer service & even some secrets to selling beats with clickfunnels in 2020. Wyshmaster goes over some of the common mistakes new producers make when they join MIDI Money.

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Timestamps 👇
00:00 Intro
01:48 Episode Overview: Wyshmaster
03:56 Wymaster’s catalogue and credits
08:14 Wyshmaster joins the stream
09:14 Wyshmaster’s come up story: Starting off as a DJ, putting together mixtapes,, sold first beat for $50
11:39 Wyshmaster: Working as security while first starting out selling beats online
12:19 Wyshmaster: Going from producer type beats to artist type beats
13:00 Wyshmaster: Posting beats online for a year before going into music full-time, selling exclusives for $3000, transitioning to a leasing business plan
14:57 Wyshmaster: Making 20 beats a day to get better
16:00 Wyshmaster: How he started connection with artists like Nelly, Ludacris, Tech Nine, producing the soundtrack for NBA Ballers
17:30 Wyshmaster: How the “I’m on a Boat“ song with Lonely Island came about
19:59 Wyshmaster: How producers can get Sync placements, reaching out to writers, paying artists to get a credit, paying for collabs
25:59 Wyshmaster: What life was like when he was transitioning to Beatstars
27:39 Wyshmaster: Times when he struggled financially as a producer, regretting not sticking to selling beats online
29:16 Wyshmaster: Non-profit college about music production, struggling to sell beats online when he came back into the game
32:10 Wyshmaster: What makes producers not be accountable
35:50 Wyshmaster: The importance of customer service
38:54 Wyshmaster: The foundation to online beat selling, retargeting, building relationships and building value through emails, how to transition into selling beats dialogue through email, only having 3K subscribers on Youtube and still making over $20K a month, 40K contacts email list
46:45 Wyshmaster: How he found out about funnels, how fast he learned how to do funnels
50:02 Wyshmaster: Most common mistake producers make, knowing the business
52:00 Wyshmaster: Most important thing for being successful with funnels, having multiple funnels, Wyshmaster’s text funnel page, Wyshmaster’s opinion on text marketing, Simple text platform
59:15 Q&A with Bandotracks: How to come up with catchy email subject lines, what’s been working to get the most feedback and results, first email being “Tell me about yourself”, how Wyshmaster prioritizes his day, Wyshmaster not having a team and needing to start one
01:10:26 Q&A with All Truth: Best way to get customers, low balled beats, best way to start building a relationship with customers
01:16:12 Q&A with Twill: How often Wyshmaster needs musicians, guitars being big sellers online
01:18:21 Q&A with J-Seoul: One thing Wyshmaster would tell himself if he could go back in the past
01:22:45 Q&A with DX Beats: Tapping in
01:26:45 Best actionable advice Wyshmaster can give
01:28:11 Outr

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