July 24, 2020

Jake Paul’s Failed “Get Rich Quick Schemes”

Jake Paul is one of the internet’s favorite dumping grounds, mainly known for his over-the-top antics and dangerous behavior towards others part of his “Team 10” business. But today I wanted to dive into a topic that has always interested me about Jake Paul: his many failed business schemes. Jake Paul has started many alleged “get rich quick schemes” such as Team 10, Team Dom, Edfluence, Financial Freedom Movement, TGZ Capital and the list goes on… and within each business “scheme” there are professional investors and others involved that I wanted to look into today. Overall, I think Jake Paul is obsessed with becoming a “freebot” and is fascinated by get rich quick schemes, with a bizarre determination to make his own business concept become a reality.

Videos Used:


Influencer Venture Capital Firm TGZ Capital Starts Investing

YouTube Star Jake Paul Quietly Launches Edfluence, An Online Course That Will Help You Become “Social Media Famous” (Exclusive)

I paid $7 for Jake Paul to teach me how to be a social media influencer

Social media star Jake Paul raises $1 million to become a social media mogul

19-year-old raises $1 million for TeamDom to monetize influencers

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