July 20, 2020

Fraud Network Marketing|Multi-Level Marketing

Fraud Network Marketing|Multi-Level Marketing

The prime aim of Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing was to provide valuable products to the people,but nowadays it has become a “money circulation scheme.”Now,they only focus on “how to make a no.of joinings in a month?”

In this video, I have tried to share my experiences as well as experiences of one of my friend who got scammed or trapped in this type of network marketing companies like

Let me tell you that,eBiz is not the only Multi Level Marketing company which is fraud.It is a matter of fact that eBiz came into news that’s why people know more about the frauds of eBiz.But,there are many network marketing companies like eBiz in India and the world.

और इन सब मे जो ज्यादातर फँसते है वो students होते है क्योंकि उनको हमेशा से लगता है कि कब वो financially independent person हो पाएंगे ताकि उनको अपने parents से पैसे माँगने न पड़े।पैसे माँगना उन्हें खराब लगता है।तो ऐसे में वो quick get money schemes ढूंढते है और इन सब के चक्कर मे फँस जाते है।

Lallantop has covered eBiz’s scam news,you may watch :-

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मिलते है अगले journey में,
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