June 29, 2020

Get-Rich-Quick Investment Schemes in Manipur | Detailed Breakdown & Analysis | Thadou-Kuki

This video is a detailed breakdown and analysis (in Thadou-Kuki) of the various Get-Rich-Quick Investment Schemes in Manipur (from schemes like Amway, “A-Poh-Keh-Thei”, etc of 20-25 years back to the current innovative and trending schemes).

The video covers the following –

1) Management concepts like Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing used by these schemes
2) 3 broad structures of these investment schemes
3) Compensation Structures
4) How to analyse these schemes to identify potential scam / fraud
5) Last but not the least, an alternate longer-term wealth creation

Hopefully, this video will help in a better understanding of these schemes so that we can take an informed decision and not fall prey to fraudulent investment plans / schemes.

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So, let’s begin!



Francis O Haokip

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