May 15, 2020

USING LUCK to GET RICH in Minecraft

Today on Camp Minecraft Season 2 @Sigils teams up with @BiffleWiffle @JeromeASF and then uses a Lucky Helmet to get RICH!

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👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Campers:
​▶️@Ambrew :
​ ▶️@BiffleWiffle:
​ ▶️@Cheridet :
​ ▶️@GoldActual:
​ ▶️@Henwy:
​ ▶️@JeromeASF :
​ ▶️@Nicovald:
​ ▶️@Sigils :

❗ About Camp Minecraft:
Welcome to Camp Minecraft Season 2! A 1.16 Vanilla Minecraft server based on Survival and Funny Moments. Join the friends as they go exploring the new Nether, beat Minecraft and build amazing farms. We also have some custom datapacks that add cool unique items to the server!

#CampMinecraft #Sigils

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Camp Minecraft Season 2 is RUINED


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