May 9, 2020

Secrets of Online Persuasion

How to master the digital media marketplace, blog for your business, podcast for profit, and more. Rarely does a communication revolution result in a marketplace transformation. The New Media Revolution is one of those extraordinary events. If you want to market better, sell more, and boost your influence in today’s rapidly changing online marketplace, this is your textbook. –What the New Media Revolution is and how you can profit from it as it transforms the face of advertising and marketing forever –How to trigger powerful, word-of-mouth BUZZ with innovative New Media campaigns –Why your business blog (not mass marketing) must be at the center of your marketing strategy using New Media tools –Discover where your target audience is hanging out and captivate their attention with your persuasive message –Six key tools you must have when launching your own successful New Media Marketing Strategy –Online persuasion strategies that draw hundreds and thousands of highly qualified fans to your business, non-profit organization, or political campaign “Just four days after following your advice, both CNN Money and The Wall Street Journal called me for an interview on the same day! Traffic to my website has since exploded, and I have so much business that I’m constantly referring clients to other consultants around the world!”—Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, President, Six Elements Inc., Canada

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