April 21, 2020

Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Small Businesses

Description Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Small Businesses is written as a practical guide for new and experienced entrepreneurs and small business people. It covers the basics on both traditional and digital marketing, and builds to give you a more detailed, practical picture of the topic. You will be able to start marketing immediately. Background People market ideas, products and services for all sorts of reasons; you might want to make the world better for everyone, you might desire recognition for yourself, you might not like working for other people, or you might have found yourself unemployed for a whole range of reasons. That is why you have arrived here, and now you need to develop your marketing knowledge and skills. This marketing book is written for you. The book contains current marketing topics including: Chapter 1 Marketing for you Chapter 2 You and marketing Chapter 3 Know your customers Chapter 4 Your marketing mix Chapter 5 Get your price right Chapter 6 Sell yourself Chapter 7 Promoting and advertising your start-up Chapter 8 Public Relations (PR) for you Chapter 9 Writing a successful blog for your idea, start-up or small business Chapter 10 Organising your event Chapter 11 Getting started with your digital marketing Chapter 12 Your website and online stores Chapter 13 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Chapter 14 Your social media Chapter 15 Your e-mail marketing Chapter 16 Measuring your online success Chapter 17 International marketing for growing businesses Having worked for others and for myself, I have built a whole range of practical marketing skills that you can use today. I have also taught the academic tools, models and concepts of marketing to university students for 20 years, and I have written and delivered marketing training for dozens of entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. From my experiences, I have learned important lessons about marketing, which are shared with you throughout this book.

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