April 20, 2020

Add Value. Be Uncommon.

This is a personal reflection journal with guided chapter introductions sharing wisdom from the author, Mike Gingerich. Each chapter in the journal offers a thought to help encourage you to live a life that adds value and is uncommon. Written as a gift from a father to his children, the journal has value for anyone seeking to live a life of value and who wants to live beyond mediocrity by taking time to journal and reflect on their life. Putting your thoughts down in written form, via sketches, or even drawings is a key way to help you integrate and process your thoughts and experiences. Be inspired, be encouraged, and capture your thoughts and reflections to help you grasp what is truly important in life and how you can best focus your daily efforts and attitude. Proceeds from each journal purchase will go to the author’s non-profit, iGive Global, which seeks to empower those with great potential but limited resources around the world in places of great need.

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