April 18, 2020

Network Marketing Objection Handling: How to handle “I’m not interested in Network Marketing or MLM”

A super simple & effective formula & script for handling the objection, “I’m not interested in doing Network Marketing or MLM” that people sometimes give when you reach out to tell them about your opportunity.

Always remember that everything is not for everybody & you’re under no obligation to handle or overcome anyone’s Anti-MLM or Network Marketing objections.

You can easily move on to someone else because there are PLENTY of people who are open-minded and will be very interested in your Network Marketing opportunity, especially now.

But if you really like them & want to give them a second chance before leaving them behind, the formula I share in this video should help.

NOTE: This video is a short clip taken from a 1 hour video training I did for a private mentoring & coaching community I have where I take you under my wing & work with you for 10 days straight to help you recruit 10 people in 10 days.

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Your friend & Coach,
Cesar L. Rodriguez

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