March 28, 2020

Get RICH during a recession : How house hacking could save your life

Time and time again I’ve had the awesome chance to talk to many older people who lived through the great depression, and there’s a few traits I found that most of them tended to have (As compared to people of other generations & groups)

*Willingness to sacrifice
*Constantly looking for ways to make money
*A strong work ethic

So many of whom I met who suffered severely through the great depression ended up by the 40s doing quite well. On my mom’s side of the family, around 1929 they were kicked out of a tenant farm they owned in Kentucky. Having only a wagon and a couple horses, they made their way to Ohio, extremely destitute. Even before WW2 came to be, they had purchased a farm in south-east Ohio and were doing much better in life. Their drive & perseverance carried them through terrible times (During their journey to Ohio, my uncle for instance was run over by the wagon with all their belongings).

I think there’s alot of lessons many could take away from what happened to them.

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