March 18, 2020

How to Get Rich as a Corrupt Politician

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With the 2020 election coming up, it’s a good time to learn how to make money as a politician
Back in the good ol days, if you were a politician, and you wanted to make extra money on the side thanks to the powerful position you’re in – it was pretty simple
You’d take bribes, and stuff the $90,000 into your freezer
You’d do some insider trading
You cut to the chase and make it easy for your customers, like Former Congressman Duke Cunningham did, with his innovative bribe menu
Want a $16m defense contract? That will be $140,000 and a luxury yacht
Need a bigger contract? That will be an extra $50,000 for each additional $1m in the contract’s value

But today only around 17% of people actually trusting the government, directly taking bribes just don’t work anymore
Who cares about a few thousand dollars? You’re a selfless public servant. You deserve more.
We need a new way to take bribes, a new way to get insider deals, without alerting the public and directly breaking any laws

As a politician, you’re in the business of selling influence to those looking to buy political favors, exceptions, insider deals; and your customers whether that be a local company, or a foreign corporation or government, pays in the form of bribes
Once the public did catch on, they put together disclosure laws
If the money you’re directly getting is legal, it’s probably best to avoid any suspicious transactions at all cost bc why draw attention to yourself
There’s a simple solution to this that does require more work, but it’s absolutely worth it bc we’re able to move hundreds of millions of dollars at a time, sometimes billions of dollars
We just need to borrow a simple concept from the business world called offshoring
As the economy becomes more global, companies use offshoring to maximize their profits
Some offshoring is legitimate, but some companies do it to obscure their transactions
So we offshore our corruption
Instead of us doing the questionable deal we move the deal and the people involved out of the country to places where there are far less disclosure laws or have our kids or close friends do the deal
The people buying our influence also appreciate being out of the limelight
Since there’s no law forcing us to disclose anything, we have an added layer of legal protection
AKA “corruption by proxy”
Since no money touches our accounts, we’re clear
Even though the money may be under their name and accounts, whatever split you agreed upon is yours

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