March 1, 2020

Products महंगे है का Best जवाब | Network Marketing Objection Handling | Jatin Arora

“Products mehange hai” This is part of the objection handling series in Network Marketing.

Why do people say that products are expensive?
There can be many reasons but I’ll tell you 3 main reasons.

No. 1

Most of the time people think that products are expensive without knowing what kind of benefits they are getting from the products. When you offer the network marketing business to them, they also think who will buy the products if these products are even expensive for me.

No. 2
You are not able to explain about the products clearly

When people say, products are expensive it means they’re indirectly saying to you, “Go and know more about your products because you haven’t shown the real value of your products”

No. 3
They really don’t have money and they can’t afford it.

There are 2 ways to handle this objection:
1. Explain the benefits of your products
2. Show Comparison between your products and other products in the market

Let’s understand this in detail:

I’ve seen people selling garbage by showing the value in it and I’ve also seen people struggling to sell the best products because they fail to show the value.

People who are struggling in selling, they’re unable to share the benefits of their products with right kind of market and people who can show benefits to the right kind of market, they’re able to sell products easily.

Your Buyer just wants to know the benefits of the product, that’s it.

People make decisions emotionally and then justify it with their logic.

Your prospect is not bothered how old your company is, how big your company is, how many certifications your Products have, how good packaging it has, how fast your company can deliver the products etc.

Yes, it will matter once the prospect has seen the benefit he can get from the products you’re offering.

These things are important in showing a comparison between other market products and your products.

But first prospect wants to know what benefits he can get if he buys these products.

Now, I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do so that your prospect can see the value in your products and forget the cost.

For showing the value:

Make a list of all the benefits product can provide, Start your presentation by showing those benefits your prospect can get from the product you’re offering.

One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to give your prospect what they actually need.

It’s not necessary that if you have good knowledge about skincare products, you’ll tell your prospect only about skincare products. In case he needs health care products currently and you are telling about anything else they will not buy it.

Understand this, People love to buy but they don’t like to be sold.

Your job is to help people to buy what they want to buy.

People spend thousands of rupees in a restaurant for one meal though they can cook that meal at their home in less than a hundred rupees.

Isn’t the dinner in the restaurant expensive?
Of course, it is expensive but spending quality time with their family members under decent ambiance dominates the cost.

Similarly, your products are only expensive until buyer don’t see benefits in it but once they see their benefit, price doesn’t matter in most of the cases.

And how you’ll know what your prospect is looking for currently?
By patiently listening to them and this where most of us lack.

Identify what they need and you can do this by asking them a few questions.
You can learn more about need identification by watching the below video:

You need to think from the buyer’s perspective, if you do that there are chances you’ll not face this objection often.

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