February 27, 2020

2 के नीचे 2 लगाने वाला काम है क्या | Network Marketing Objection Handling | Jatin Arora

“2 ke niche 2 lagane wala kaam hai kya” This is part of the objection handling series in Network Marketing. Jatin explains how you can overcome this objection easily.

There are numerous network marketing plans. After seeing the plan of one company and without knowing the potential of that plan, people try to judge the whole potential of the network marketing industry.

It’s same like “The Frog in the Well” who doesn’t see the larger world around it. If you are trying to tell things which are outside the well, he can’t believe it.

In reality, 2 ke niche 2 log lagane ka matlab binary plan ki taraf ishara hai.

People who raise this objection don’t even know the benefits of adding 2 people below 2 people.

Why they raise this objection, they themselves don’t know.

In this video, I’m going to tell you, what you need to tell your prospect when he says “yeh wahi hai na jisme 2 ke niche 2 lagane hote hai.”

It might be possible that the person who is raising this objection needs it more than you, but he says NO because of lack of knowledge about the network marketing industry.

In such a situation, you need to first educate your prospect about network marketing. Educate him about the potential of the network marketing industry, so that he won’t prejudge the whole network marketing industry based on a single plan.

If someone asks me “yeh wahi 2 ke niche 2 log lagane wala business hai”.
I ask him what exactly is that?
He says It’s same as adding members.

I ask, is it bad to add members? Today’s Gyms and Saloons are adding members via memberships offers and other means, so why do you think it’s bad.

Most people will answer “it’s not bad but…my friend tried it and he failed.”

When they don’t have anything to say, they raise another objection.

If you see, once the first objection is overcome, they raise another objection “mere dost ne bhi kiya tha”

Ask him to watch my video “mere dost ne bhi kiya tha”

Then I ask him do you want to remain in dark or want to understand the real potential of network marketing so that you can improve your lifestyle like us.

Prospect says, okay tell me more about it.

Now, I explain to him about network marketing in detail so he can understand the industry and can make the right decision.

People raise these objections because they blindly believe in what they hear.

These objections are like learning to ride a bicycle. The person who learned how to ride a bicycle 10 years ago faced some challenges and if someone wants to learn to ride a bicycle today, he will face the same challenges/objections.

People’s objections are same as they were 10 years ago, they will remain the same in the next 10 years as well.

You just need to learn to overcome these 15 – 20 common objections and then you’re good to go.

I have already covered more than 15 objections in my network marketing objection handling series and from these videos, you can learn how to overcome these common objections.

So next time when someone says “yeh wahi 2 ke niche 2 lagane wala business hai kya”, ask the questions which I told you above and also educate him about the potential of network marketing business.

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