February 20, 2020

Joining के पैसे नहीं है | Network Marketing Objection Handling video | Jatin Arora

“Joining ke Paise nahi hai”. Jatin explains how you can handle this objection. This is part of the objection handling series in Network Marketing.

Sometimes prospects genuinely might not have money but sometimes they are just pretending that they don’t have money because they have not understood the value of the network marketing business.

Here are the 3 ways using which you can handle this objection:
1) Ask them, do they make more money in job or in business?
Most of them say business.

Now ask, if you start any business in future, don’t you have to invest money in lakhs and there’ll be still no guarantee that you’ll be successful. And in case, you don’t start any business in future because you’ll not have money in future too so don’t you think you’ll be compromising on your dreams?

Why not start your network marketing business by just investing a few thousands rupees.

2) You may ask them, how do they feel not having more money in your life?
Most of them will say that they feel bad about it.

Ask again, do you want to change it?
Most of them will say yes.

Then tell them about the benefits of network marketing business and how it will help them in earning more money.

3) Keep inviting them in the training sessions and keep educating them. Once they find their benefit in it, they will arrange the money. You don’t have to force them again and again.

Understand this, people love to buy but they don’t like to be sold.

So, your job is to help your prospect to realise what all benefits they can get if they join the network marketing business.

Don’t make any false promises. As networkers, it is our responsibility to create a positive image about network marketing/mlm.

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