February 16, 2020

5 Most Powerful Adwords Tips

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Hi I’m Travis and I’ve used AdWords to build a multi-million dollar ecommerce business and I’ve helped a lot of people do the same thing. So in this video I wanted to share what I think are the five most powerful AdWords tips. So I’m gonna tell you all of them right now and then the rest this video I’ll go in-depth and talk about each one of them. So number one is finding proper keywords and I’ll give some hints on how to do that number two is finding negative keywords and this is a step a lot of people leave out which just blows my mind because if you forget this step you’re literally just wasting money for three is write powerful ad copy you are spending the money on the clicks you want to make sure that people are going to buy once they click on your ad the number four powerful tip is you need to review your AdWords I’ll get some hints on how to do this this is a thing that a lot of people forget to do which just blows my mind it’s such a waste if you’re spending the money on the data and you’re not reviewing the data once again wasting your money and finally number five set up shopping ads Google Shopping ads also known as product listing ads are extremely profitable people I know.

Many people that are using these with success that it just it blows my mind when I find that someone is not doing I just hat was off a consulting call earlier today and the guy was having success with regular text ads but had not yet implemented Google Shopping ads and I guarantee when he does he’s gonna that all the money he’s making off text ads he’s gonna make that plus maybe another like make double that using product listing ads and then at the end of this video I do have a bonus tip for anybody that is willing to stay the whole length through the video and it’s worth it because I’m gonna have a lot of good information on each one of these. So let’s start with number one finding proper keywords and what do I mean by proper keywords I mean keywords that when people search them they actually have buying intent not something that’s just generic.

Let me give a quick example of this and if you’ve seen other of my videos you’ve probably seen me use this example but it’s worth repeating right here the business that I was talking about earlier the multi-million dollar revenue business is a dance clothing business we manufacture himself dance clothing and using AdWords I did a very scientific method on how I was able to make them profitable one of the big things was picking the proper keywords. So I’ve never bid on the word dance clothing why it’s too generic when someone searches for dance clothing they’re not ready to buy yet they’re just in research mode a better example would be dance shorts at least that’s someone who’s looking for dance shorts at least they have an idea of what kind of dance clothing item they want still not great ivory dance shorts a little bit better because they at least they know at this point what color they want and I would bid on that that’s good enough for now that I would bid on that but it the best case scenario would be ivory high waist dance shorts why because it’s.

Specific that the only reason someone’s gonna be bidding on that or the only reason someone’s gonna be searching that in Google is if they’re ready to buy now I want to bid on that keyword. So that’s number one make sure you’re picking proper keywords number two find negative keywords and I have a bunch of different ways on how to do this in fact I’ll link up a video up right up here on how to find negative keywords for your AdWords but it’s hugely important especially if you’re doing broad or phrase match and AdWords and if you don’t know what that is I’ll explain that in a separate video if you’re doing broad match which I recommend in the early days. So let’s say I was doing high-waist I let’s say I was doing ivory dance Shores as a broad match. So people could type in ivory dance shorts
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