February 15, 2020

मैं Sale नहीं कर सकता | Network Marketing Objection Handling video | Jatin Arora

“Mai sale nahi kar sakta, mai salesman nahi hu, mujhe ye sale wala kaam nahi karna, mujhe sale karni nahi aati”. This is part of the objection handling series in Network Marketing.

These kinds of objections we networkers face every day from our prospects. Knowingly or unknowingly they are doing the sales every day but they don’t realise it.

In this video, Jatin explains the difference between direct selling and network marketing business.

What to do:
1) Educate your prospect and tell him what is Direct Selling.
2) Tell your prospect that Network Marketing is a business of building relationships. Network marketing business is not about selling products, it is about recommending the product that you use and satisfied with it.
3) Explain to him how he is doing the recommendations since his childhood. Ex:- if you like something won’t you recommend that thing to your family and friends. Same thing you need to replicate here, use the company’s products and if you are satisfied with it, recommend it to the people you know. That’s it.

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