February 3, 2020

Money: How To Get Rich (Law of Attraction 2.0)

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DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Elizabeth April is a Universal Source Channeller, she was given the message at 16 not to do any external research*. Everything you listen to in her videos is channeled through conscious meditation.

Searching for Truth, Love, Happiness, connection to Alien Disclosure, Quantum Physics, Angels and Spirit Guides? Well… you’ve come to the right place!! Elizabeth April loves to channel information about The Mandela Effect, Vibrational Frequency, The After Life, Spirit Guides, Aliens, The Galactic Federation of Light, Dimensions, Crystals… and so much more! Open your Third Eye & Expand with Elizabeth April!

*If EA mentions a fact or references science or technology it is not channeled, she will always state her sources if not channeled

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