January 25, 2020

Will Technology Replace Network Marketing Distributors?

It’s interesting to me that I’m still getting this question in 2020, because I’ve been getting it for more than 20 years now. Back in 1999 there was a whole campaign called “MLM is dead”… and before that, in 1996 people were saying the internet will make Network Marketing obsolete.

On Dec 29, 1999, I launched a video called Brilliant Compensation. It was downloaded over 44 million times, with network marketing professionals using it to explain the industry to their prospects.

The success of that video was a great case study in that there will always be value in a person who can “unconfuse” people.

Today we live in the information age, which I also consider to be an amazing “misinformation machine” — causing confusion to people trying to understand what to buy.

That’s where we come in. If you can help unconfuse a person, so that they can make a better buying decision, you always have a position. Technology cannot displace that.

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Will Technology Replace Network Marketing Distributors?

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